Our FeMale Bulldogs



“Astonish Rose”

Ash is a Blue Merle Tri at “RoseBudBulldogs”, bred from our friends at Rare Color Bulldogs, She has been an amazing addition to our breeding program. She has an AKC championship pedigree and is going to be bred late 2019 or early 2020 … SO BE READY!


"Chai tea LATTE Rose"

Chai belongs to "RoseBudBulldogs", she is a BLUE FAWN TRIPLE CARRIER from the world renown Bulldog breeders "BullyRazzis". Her normal weight is 37 pounds before a pregnancy. She has a beautiful white butterfly on her chest and a butterscotch coat that you can see more of if you come on over to check out her precious babies. 


 “Gabbana Rose”

 “Baba” is a Black Seal English Bulldog, her build is incredible and her rope is one of the best in any Bulldog Breeding program. Her charisma and love for snuggles is what truly sets her apart. She will be in the same boat as Lyric and possibly Ash with having a litter in Late 2019 / Early 2020.